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Beaker Creatures® Reactor Pods, Series 1

1.500 BD

Beaker Creatures combine the amazement of learning through science with the anticipation of surprise collectibles. With 35 Creatures to collect, from five different planets, children will love building an out-of-this-world collection! Will you be lucky and uncover one of the...

Beaker Creatures® Whirling Wave Reactor

10.000 BD

It’s a whirling wave reaction! Discover another cool way to extract your Beaker Creatures with the Whirling Wave Reactor from Learning Resources. Open the reactor, place the Reactor Pod in the center chamber, fill it with water, and start spinning...

Beaker Creatures® Liquid Reactor Super Lab

17.000 BD

It's a colorful bubbling creature reaction! Extract the Beaker Creatures from the mysterious Reactor Pods with the Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab from Learning Resources. After placing one of two included Reactor Pods within the Super Lab's center chamber,...

Beaker Creatures® Reactor Pods, Series 2

2.000 BD

More than 30 new Beaker Creatures to collect and discover! The science adventures continue with the crazy creatures found within the Beaker Creatures Series 2 Reactor Pods from Learning Resources. After triggering the bubbling reaction from your mysterious Reactor Pod,...

Special Kids Junction Wrapping

10.000 BD

Add to your gifts an amazing surprise package with balloons coming out of the box. Only available at Kids Junction.

Gears! Gears! Gears!® Sweet Shop Building Set

26.000 BD

Build your own tasty creation of spinning sweets and twirling treats! This delightful set includes brightly colored lollipops, cupcakes, ice cream cones, stickers, and more! Watch as the delicious treats all spin with the simple twist of the gear handle....

Gears! Gears! Gears!® Dizzy Fun Land™ Motorized Building Set

35.000 BD

Kids can spend whole days at the amusement park with this 120-piece motorized set. Includes a handheld motor, carousel, Ferris wheel, bumper cars, roller coaster, play figures and enough colorful, spinning gears to make everything come to life. Encourages creativity...

Beaker Creatures® 2-Pack with Bio-Home

6.500 BD

Give your Beaker Creatures a home away from home! Add some science to the world of collectible toys with the Beaker Creatures 2-Pack with Bio-Home from Learning Resources. Each pack comes with two Beaker Creatures collectibles: one that's ready to...

Melissa and Dough Stack and Count Parking Garage

12.000 BD

Description:Stack 10 wooden cars in this gated parking tower and top them with the sliding counter. Then see the cars drop down and the counter point to a lower number each time a car is removed from the bottom! With...

Melissa and Dough Spin and Swipe Cash Register

17.500 BD

This wooden cash register adds a clever educational spin to a classic pretend-play toy! Press the number buttons to see different counting pictures, then "pay" for the purchase with numbered coins to match the quantities. The coins vary in diameter...

Melissa and Dough safari Peg Puzzle

4.000 BD

Features: 7-piece puzzle features easy-grasp pegs and wooden construction. Good for memory, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination Exciting way to build familiarity with animals and the natural world. Description:Your child will enjoy a puzzle adventure when placing seven wild...

Melissa and Dough Inside Alphabet Wooden Peg Puzzle

4.000 BD

EASY-TO-GRASP PUZZLE: This wooden puzzle includes 26 pieces for letters A through Z, with easy-grasp pegs that reveal a picture under each piece. FULL-COLOR PICTURES: Designed with full-color illustrations that appear underneath each piece to help child match letters with...

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